string, multilingual

The name of the tender, displayed in listings. You can include following items:

  • tender code (in procuring organization management system)
  • periodicity of the tender (annual, quarterly, etc.)
  • item being procured
  • some other info

string, multilingual

Detailed description of tender


string, autogenerated, read-only

the tender identifier to refer tender to in “paper” documentation.

OpenContracting Description: TenderID should always be the same as the OCID. It is included to make the flattened data structure more convenient.


Organization, required

Organization conducting the tender.

OpenContracting Description: The entity managing the procurement, which may be different from the buyer who is paying / using the items being procured.


Value, required

Total available tender budget. Bids greater then value will be rejected

OpenContracting Description: The total estimated value of the procurement.


list of Item objects, required

List containing single item being procured.

OpenContracting Description: The goods and services to be purchased, broken into line items wherever possible. Items should not be duplicated, but a quantity of 2 specified instead.


List of Document objects

OpenContracting Description: All documents and attachments related to the tender.


List of Question objects

Questions to procuringEntity and answers to them.


List of Complaint objects

Complaints to tender conditions and their resolutions.


List of Bid objects

A list of all bids placed in the tender altogether with information about tenderers and their proposal and other qualification documentation.

OpenContracting Description: A list of all the companies who entered submissions for the tender.


Value, required

The minimal step of auction (reduction). Validation rules:

  • amount should be less then Tender.value.amount
  • currency should either be absent or match Tender.value.currency
  • valueAddedTaxIncluded should either be absent or match Tender.value.valueAddedTaxIncluded

List of Award objects

All qualifications (disqualifications and awards).


Period, required

Period when questions are allowed. At least endDate have to be provided.

OpenContracting Description: The period during which enquiries may be made and will be answered.


Period, required

Period when bids can be submitted. At least endDate have to be provided.

OpenContracting Description: The period when the tender is open for submissions. The end date is the closing date for tender submissions.


Period, read-only

Period when Auction is conducted.


Period, read-only

Period that Awarding process took.

OpenContracting Description: The date or period on which an award is anticipated to be made.


‘active.enquiries’, ‘active.tendering’, ‘active.auction’, ‘active.qualification’, ‘active.awarded’, ‘unsuccessful’, ‘complete’, ‘cancelled’

Status of the Tender.


List of Revision objects, autogenerated

Historical changes to Tender object properties.

The Tender dates should be sequential:

  • Current time
  • enquiryPeriod.startDate
  • enquiryPeriod.endDate
  • tenderPeriod.startDate
  • tenderPeriod.endDate